Our Story

Love of God, family, freedom, goats and soaps.

Get to know all about Underdog Acre - what we do, our mission and our history. Underdog Acre is a hobby farm created when our family decided to leave the city for a simpler more self-sufficient lifestyle in 2019. What started off with 12 chickens quickly grew to 5 goats with more on the way. Our family interacting with them everyday has brought such a joy, understanding and respect for the animals who help to provide us nourishment to our hearts and bodies inside and out. Our goal is to improve the breed and we are striving to produce goats that are suitable for both show, and milk that also have the personality to be a wonderful companion. We love our goats like family and want to make sure that every goat goes to the best possible home that will love and enjoy them as much as we do. To ensure that, we want everyone new, even not so new, to goat ownership to understand what it takes to keep these wonderful animals happy and healthy for many years to come.