The Moms

Our Mama Dams are ADAG registered Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats from Roseheart Farms near San Antonio. Bunny, Creo's a Diva and Princess Sofia are our foundation does and are not for sale.


Roseheart Bunny

Adga Registration Number:PD2030645

Bunny came to us already bred. Her kids are sold, she is in milk, as she kidded in January we may not breed her until October. She produces almost 2 quarts of milk a day! We will be attempting her milk star this year, but even if she doesnt get it I am fairly sure her offspring will produce just as well.


Creo's A Diva

Registration ID PD2203662

Creo is our current junior doe. She is the granddaughter of Sofia. We may show her this year before pairing her with Hunter's moon,  She is Polled and buckskin.


Princess Sofia

Registration ID D001847527

Sofia is one camera shy Princess! She is a beautiful big girl with a nice wide frame and beautiful coloring. She is Creo's grandmother and we will be breeding her to Elf this year.


The Dads

Bucks to sire from now on

These are the future of our herd. These bucks are ADGA registered and came to us from StoryTails Farm south of San Antonio. They are not for sale.


Hunter's Moon

Registraion ID D2143671

This beautiful big boy was born in 2016 and has sired a few times. He is Disbudded and Cou Blanc in color. We can't wait to see what he brings to future generations.


FU Twelfth Night

Registration Id D2091525P

Twelfth Night is lovingly called Elf. He was born in 2019 but has not bred anyone yet. We are hoping that will change this year. He is Polled and light buckskin.



this is where we will place our kids that are ready for sale

Underdog Acre "Sir William Wallace"


DAM: Rosehart Princess Sofia

SIRE: Story Tails Hunters Moon

This beautiful  cou clair buckling is nicknamed William Wallace due to the fact that he was 10 minutes old and charged a dog 4x his size with no fear. He has a wonderful personality if not a bit to brave. Adga registerable.