Sales Policy

What you need to know


Before leaving our farm, your kid(s) will have been given:

- A series of deworming

- A series of coccidia prevention/treatment

- A dose of lice prevention

- A hoof trim

- A probiotic with fortified b-12 complex

- Started on CD&T vaccine (please let us know ASAP if you do NOT wish for us to vaccinate. Please know we can not guarantee health should this be declined)

-We may deliver locally however if long distance transport  is required it will be your responsibility to arrange with a responsible transport service. We will not be held responsible if the goat is harmed during transport. You will receive a picture(s) of the goat before it leaves the property and we will not send an unhealthy goat off our farm


​Please know I DO NOT SELL MY GOATS FOR MEAT! As a personal choice, all kids are DAM RAISED unless there is a reason for the kid to be bottled fed. (Example: If dam were to pass, become ill and can no longer feed her kids, or if dam produces a large litter we will help her by bottle feeding them. These kids will still be with their mother at all times.) We handle ALL kids everyday from birth. However, some kids need extra attention when they go to their new homes to help get them used to their new farm. Because our goats are our family, we do not want any of our goats to end up in a bad situation and will do our best to fit the right goat to your needs! We DO NOT separate kids from dam because you want a bottle baby, so please don't even ask!

Your new goat will come with:

- Sample of feed and hay that we give here to help transition to feed of choice.

- Will be disbudded or polled (unless otherwise noted)

- All Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale as registered will be registered with ADGA before leaving or you will be provided with ADGA registration application papers (Depending on ADGA'S system at the time).

-A folder that includes records, ADGA papers, bill of sale, feeding guide, and CVI (if required)

Please note that we SLOW wean here over a few weeks time to help minimize stress as much as we can. And while we do our best to prevent illnesses, stress from weaning and moving to a new environment can cause health issues. Even though kids are dewormed and on coccidia prevention, the stress from these can cause the goat's immune system to lower leaving them susceptible to a coccidia bloom, worm overload, as well as "shipping fever" or pneumonia. Please watch for the following symptoms:

- Diarrhea (could be 1 of many things, please have a fecal sample tested by your vet for proper treatment)

- Coughing

- Runny nose and eyes

- Not eating/drinking

Should any of these concerns arise, please contact your Veterinarian immediately for assistance, and reach out to me with questions; these all could potentially be life threatening. It is BEST to have medicine on hand in case of emergencies or have your vet's phone number on speed dial. (We have a list of helpful things goat keepers should have if you need it, just ask!) If new to goats, we STRONGLY recommend finding a goat vet before bringing home your new goat. This will greatly help cut down on the time spent searching for a vet if an emergency occurs. **Not all large animal vets are knowledgeable in goat illnesses/medicine!

 Underdog Acre has no control over someone else's management, feeding program, weather, or accidents  and are sold healthy and sound at the time of purchase and leaving our farm; we cannot make any guarantee of health once they leave our farm. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question regarding your new kid(s), the health, or feeding once they get home. Should an animal become ill while in our care, Underdog Acre will provide treatment needed at no cost to you. (Based on the severity of the issue, we hold the right to make decisions on the animals care that is in their best interest that is within our financial means.) This may result in a later pick up date as we do not release any sick/injured animals OR may result in the option of selecting another AVAILABLE kid! Should this happen, you will be notified and updated on the kid's progress.

​*PLEASE NOTE: These are herd animals and will need companionship of other goats to be happy and healthy. Goats without a herd are more likely to have depression and a suppressed immune system due to this.  We will never knowingly sell a kid who will not have a herd or another goat companion to go to.

*Underdog Acre does not and can not guarantee height, show wins, milking stars, LA scores, or production of any animal. We will do our best to fit two goats together that complement each other with the goal to better their offspring.​*


Do Your Research

Goats are not as easy as people think to take care of. They require time and attention. Goats are heard animals and need other goats around to be happy and healthy. They are very sensitive to diet and environmental factors. Please do your fullest possible research before you consider adding goats to your home.



Purchasing and Payments

​Before placing a deposit, please understand I will NOT sell a baby or adult by itself if you do not have any goats in similar size/age/sex. Goats are herd animals and MUST have another GOAT buddy to be happy and healthy. (Dog, human, cow, horse etc. do not count). Goats require strong and sturdy fencing such as woven wire no climb horse fence, sheep and goat fencing, or cattle panels. Because goats like to rub and stand on fences, we recommend AVOIDING the use of WELDED wire fencing. Using woven wire or cattle panels cost more up front, but will last a lot longer! Due to goats being easily susceptible to pneumonia, they require dry, draft free shelters to protect them from wind/rain, and summer heat. 

 Please do not be offended by my questions if I ask them. I want EACH of my goats to go to a home that will love, spoil, and care for them as I would. If you are new to goats, as all of us once were, please read up on the care and the time goats need provided above on the Fias Co farm website.


Please note that I only accept Zelle PayPal ( purchaser will pay transaction fee or send by friends/family) or Square Payment. Cash will no longer be excepted for deposits. (If wanting to see a goat in person FIRST before leaving a deposit, please know we can not randomly hold goats without payment as we get a lot of inquiries, sometimes about the same animal. We MAY honor a temporary  48 hours hold if wanting to see animal within a few days of contact based on our schedule. This does NOT guarantee you will get the goat(s) you are wanting!) For personal reasons; I will NOT accept checks, money orders, or payment plans. All goats MUST be paid in full before leaving to their new home. This includes any money for extra care needed for extended stays or fee for transport. No exceptions! If you are interested in one of our available kids/adult please contact us to place a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 to hold a ADGA registered doe/buck of your choice OR a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $75 for wethers. If the kid or kids are still available, I will ask that you fill out our farm terms below. Once it is completed, I have received the form, and everything is sorted out, I will send you a PayPal or Venmo link for payment (You pay the % PayPal Transaction Fee or send friends and family.)